CE Classes are a fun and efficient way to earn credits toward further qualification and career advancement!

The courses listed have been approved for credit by the Minnesota Commissioner of Commerce for the Insurance Industry's Continuing Education.

All classes include lunch, refreshments, raffle ticket drawings, official certificate, and Sircon credit processing. Classes are led by State Certified Instructor, Kelli Friese of 1Collision. Kelli has been a CE Instructor for 19 years and Marketing and Promotions Director for Ed's Collision& Glass for 20 years. Kelli has also been a 55+ Driver Improvement Instructor for 9 years, an Advisory Board Member of MHSRC St. Cloud State University for 8 years, and an ACG Gold Member of Toastmasters International for 10 years.

For questions, please contact the CE Helpline: 612-599-7634

**Please note: The State of Minnesota requires a valid Insurance License Number for registration.

Insuring Hybrid Vehicles and Advanced Equipment

This class has been designed to bring awareness to agent and office producers about the ever-changing technology in automobiles. By attending this class, you will be able to confidently use and share information to help protect yourselves and your customers and possibly reduce potential injuries and claims.

Real World Ethical Case Studies For Insurance Producers

This advanced interactive course reinforces ethical behaviors for insurance professionals. By attending this course, agents and producers will learn an ethical decision-making model to help guide them when faced with situations with ethical dilemmas in the office and with customers. Through the review of real-world case studies, agents will be asked to address typical insurance claim situations requiring ethical business considerations.

Automotive Technologies Impact On Claims

The primary course objective is to provide the agents an overview regarding the increase of value-added automotive components and their potential impact on insurance policies, premiums and claims. This course provides a look at the growing influence of value-added components, both for comfort and safety, and the motives that led to their development. Safety components continue to have a positive impact on reducing claims but will comfort features counteract their effectiveness through distracted driving?Further, agents will learn of the costs of value-added components and how that may increase premiums through higher vehicle retail costs and claims as the cost of repair will include the replacement of these technologies.

Auto Theft & Fraud for the Insurer

This class explores a myriad of facts that will be useful to insurance personnel in protecting their insureds against these crimes. The class carefully details the different types of auto theft, what cars are most susceptible to being targeted as well as profiling the auto thief. After discussing theft, the class moves into explaining the different types of fraud involving vehicles, from staged accidents to cloning VINs. Identifying fraud is not always easy but this class will provide participants with key red flags that could signal fraudulent activity. Insurance personnel will be able to provide valuable information to both their clients and staff in how to protect their agency and policyholders from the high costs of auto theft and fraud.

Ethics at Work: Sharpening Our Professional Judgment

This advanced interactive continuing education course reinforces the importance of ethics within the insurance profession while identifying enduring ethical concepts, values, and principles that impact an agent’s ethical decision-making process. Through analysis of three unique case studies, agents will address ethical situations of greater complexity that are typical to their industry. By practicing moral reasoning skills, agents will enhance their ability to make decisions in difficult situations protecting their reputations and generating long-term value for the companies and clients for whom they work. Fun group discussions.

Date: Thursday, Nov. 5
Time: 12:30-3:30 PM
Host: Superior Service Center
Location: Best Western Plus Dakota Ridge, 3450 Washington Drive Eagan, MN 55122

Risks of Teen & Senior Drivers

This course presents through statistics and case studies the magnified risks inherent to the teenage and senior drivers. Additionally, it provides regulatory information that has been instituted to reduce these risks. The primary course objective is to provide the agent a more complete understanding of the frequency of accidents and claims created by teenage and senior drivers around the country. Having this understanding enables insurance personnel to better serve policyholders by educating them to the importance of understanding the risks associated with these age groups. Additionally, the agent will learn how insurance companies, legislators and advocacy groups are striving to reduce the number of deaths, injuries and claims associated with teens and seniors. Learn Minnesota’s new laws, signs, "Why Roundabouts?", DDI’s, Conflict Intersection Warning Systems, J-Turns, and a lot more!

Date: Thursday, Nov. 5
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Host: Superior Service Center
Location: Best Western Plus Dakota Ridge, 3450 Washington Drive Eagan, MN 55122